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Our solar programs encompass a broad range of material sourcing, and inventory services to help customers become more profitable.

Hybrid Solar

Hitech Solar provides professional solar installs to both the commercial and Hybrid Solar.

Hybrid Solar

Our hybrid solar solutions for residential and commercial properties in
Queensland are designed to maximise the savings you’re able to make from
renewable energy. With a battery to store the excess solar power harvested
during the day, you can take advantage of free energy even when the sun
isn’t shining. To find out how much it will cost to have a new hybrid solar
system installed in your home or business premises, contact us now. Outside
of business hours, you can send us a message and we’ll call you back at a
time that suits you.


Hybrid solar in Australia from your local specialists

We specialise in the specification, supply and installation of solar power
systems for homes and businesses in Queensland. If you have been thinking
about installing a solar solution for some time but don’t know enough about
the technology to choose the right system, please feel free to get in touch with
us and ask for help. We would be delighted to specify a system that meets all
of your requirements and show you the savings you can expect to make once
it has been installed.


Hybrid solar solutions are grid-connected systems, with the addition of battery banks that are charged by the solar energy you don’t use during the day. Some systems include switching and control equipment that enables them to run even when the grid is down while less expensive systems do not have this feature. For maximum energy independence, a hybrid solar package that keeps supplying energy in the event of a power failure is the best option.
During the day, the energy collected from the sun via your solar panels is used to power your home or business, as with standard solar systems. Any excess energy, which is not required to power your electrical equipment, is used to charge the battery in your system. During the night, your system can supply energy from the battery until it is depleted, when it will switch to the grid if necessary.
The main benefit of choosing hybrid solar in Brisbane or the surrounding area is the ability to store excess solar energy and use it after the sun goes down. This enables you to use less electricity from the grid, thereby reducing your utility bills even further. With additional switching equipment, you can also use stored solar energy during power outages.
We have a great deal of experience in the supply and installation of hybrid solar solutions and can ensure that you choose the best package for your needs. We also offer finance packages to spread the cost of your initial investment and can help you to apply for any rebates to which you are entitled. Most importantly, our installers are experts at determining the optimal position for the installation of solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency for all our customers.
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Hitech Solar provides professional solar installs to both the commercial and residential sectors. Medium Family


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