More About Hitech Solar

We supply, install and maintain highly efficient solar energy systems for homes and
businesses in Brisbane and across Queensland. Our company is Australian owned
and operated and our team are familiar with the solar power industry in Queensland
and the specific concerns of residential and commercial customers here. Whatever
the size of your home or business, our staff can assist you in solar installation in QLD
that will meet your needs at a competitive price. For a detailed quote, please contact
us by phone or email.
Our range of solar system installation solutions include packages suitable for small,
medium and large family homes, as well as for business premises of varying sizes. If
you would like us to recommend a solar panel solution for you, we will be happy to
evaluate your needs and propose a system that can meet them. Solar power in
Brisbane has already been adopted by more than 30% of households as the sunny
conditions are ideal for this renewable energy source. The Queensland government
also provides customers with rebates that significantly minimise initial installation
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The best solar installers in Brisbane

Many businesses and homeowners in Queensland have made Hitech Solar their
supplier of choice because we provide reliable recommendations for solar panel
systems that can meet our customers’ needs. However, it is our skilled installers that
set us apart from other solar companies. Our team has completed hundreds of
installations in Brisbane over the last few years and is an expert at determining the
best positions for new systems. Our solar installation services in Brisbane provide
high caliber work at a reasonable price.
Call now to find out more about solar power in Brisbane and how we can help you to
enjoy everything it has to offer.


What are the benefits of switching to solar power?

There are several key benefits that solar power has to offer:

Cutting energy costs

According to QLD government studies, the average
the homeowner can expect to save $700 on electricity bills by installing a solar
panel system.

Reliable power source

In the event of blackouts, you’ll still have power in
your home

Smaller carbon footprint

Solar power is an environmentally friendly energy

Is solar power cost-effective?

Solar power is the most cost-effective renewable energy source. With current rebates
and our competitive solar system installation prices, a 5 KW solar panel package will
pay for itself in just 4 years. After that, you will enjoy the benefits of free energy from
the sun, along with feed-in tariffs for any extra power you sell to the local utility
Why choose Hitech Solar for solar system packages and installation in Brisbane?
We are one of the most experienced solar companies in Brisbane and the panels we
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install are manufactured by leaders in the solar energy field. Take advantage of our
0% financing option, which will enable you to spread the cost of a new system across
as many as 5 years, with no interest.