Commercial Solar

Thanks to the falling cost of commercial solar panels and the rebates available, a commercial solar installation in Queensland is a no brainer from a financial perspective. With added benefits, such as a reduced carbon footprint and a reliable supply of electricity all year round, it’s easy to see why so many companies in Brisbane and the surrounding area are opting to have a new solar system installed. Read More

Residential Solar

We have a wide range of residential solar systems available for installation by our team of experts in Queensland. Whether you have a compact property in central Brisbane or a large home in the suburbs, we can supply and install a solar panel system that enables you to take advantage of this plentiful and environmentally friendly power source. Read More

Hybrid Solar

For using power during the blackouts, it is always advisable to get an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) Device. Usually the hybrid systems power you when you’re connected to the grid. With our Hybrid Solar Systems, we offer EPS devices as an option depending upon your home or business needs. Read More


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