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Our solar programs encompass a broad range of material sourcing, and inventory services to help customers become more profitable.

Solar Battery

Hitech Solar provides professional solar installs to Solar Battery.

An efficient solar battery is a crucial component for a hybrid solar system, as it
offers the ability to store the surplus electricity generated by your PV panels .
As part of our solar services for domestic and commercial customers, we
specify, supply and install high-quality lithium-ion solar batteries in Brisbane
and the surrounding areas. When we design your new hybrid system for you,
we will make sure that it includes a battery capable of meeting all your needs
at an affordable price.

Quality solar batteries in Queensland

We work with top manufacturers in Australia and across the globe, to ensure
that the batteries we use in our solar systems are of the highest quality.
Supplied with comprehensive warranties, each solar power battery that we
supply and install complies with all relevant state and federal regulations.
If you would like to find out more about the solar batteries in Brisbane that we
supply, including pricing and availability information, please call 1 300 889
709 during business hours or contact us by email at any time.


If you are interested in a hybrid solar system that can power your home or business at night as well as during the day, providing you with greater independence from the grid, a good quality solar battery is essential. With a hybrid solar inverter and a lithium-ion battery, you’ll have access to clean electricity whenever you need it.
A quality solar battery will add a significant sum to the cost of your home or business solar system. However, if you’re more interested in energy independence than in recouping your investment through feed-in tariffs for the excess energy that your system produces, it will be well worth the additional expense.
The cost of a solar battery will depend on its capacity, expected cycle lifetime, battery management system and various other factors. If you are interested in having a hybrid system with a battery installed, please get in touch with us: we’ll be happy to recommend a suitable battery and will talk you through all the costs involved.
Lithium-ion batteries designed for use with solar installations usually come with warranties from 5 years to 10 years, although your battery may well last considerably longer than this. The capacity will reduce over time, with the average useful lifespan being from 5-15 years, depending on the make and model.
We specialise in the supply and installation of quality solar systems, which means we have more experience than most other installers in Queensland. We also offer 0% finance packages, through our partner, making it easy for homeowners and local businesses to take advantage of all the benefits that hybrid solar systems have to offer. And, because every solar battery that we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, you can buy from us with complete confidence.

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